We make precision health programs accessible, convenient, and cost effective for everyone.

          Designed for people. Built for populations.

          Richer relationships with patients

          Activate patients and their families with precision health data, including clinical-grade genetics, combined with best-in-class engagement software and tools.

          Informed health decisions

          Use individual-level risk assessment models to identify the right clinical resourcesand deliver personalized, quality care to each patient.

          Efficient clinical services

          Remove traditional constraints on capacity with virtual and convenient workflows like health history data collection and appointment scheduling.

          Revolutionizing healthcare delivery and research with leaders in precision medicine

          From the National Institutes of Health’sAll of Usresearch program, to premier health systems, and partnerships with leading employers around the world.

          For Health Systems

          Bring innovation to patient care delivery.

          Organic engagement with clinical value

          Attract new patients in a competitive market with easy access to clinical-grade genetic information.

          Unique insights for your population

          Manage patient health at the individual and population levels with ongoing data collection.

          Personalized routing to care pathways

          Drive desired behavior with digital onboarding and routing to the right care pathways for each patient.

          Increased capacity at lower cost

          Transform your cost structures with digital tools to make virtual and in-person clinical services more efficient.

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          Spotlight on Research

          Return genetic results to your population at scale.

          NIH /All of Us
          All of Usis sequencing one million people to accelerate health research and enable individualized prevention, treatment, and care.
          UCSF / WISDOM

          WISDOM is providing genetic testing for 100,000 women to make breast cancer screening more effective.

          SU2C / MAGENTA

          MAGENTA provides genetic testing and tele-counseling to women at high risk of cancer.

          UW / GENtleMEN

          GENtleMEN provides genetic testing and counseling to men with metastatic prostate cancer.


          Transform your employees engagement in their health decisions.

          Personal context for healthcare decisions

          Activate employees with clinical-grade genetics, personal and family health history, and other insights.

          Increased participation and engagement

          Get employees to be more proactive about their health with personalized routing to relevant screening guidelines and benefits programs.

          Better control over costly health events

          Mitigate costly health events by helping high-risk populations earlier.

          Insights to help inform benefits planning

          Receive custom reports with ongoing aggregated insights into your populations health.

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          Ochsner Health System teaming up with Color to integrate genetic information into preventive care

          The partnership will combine Colors capabilities in medical-grade genetics, clinical services and patient engagement and the health system’s experience with personalized medicine and integrating it into routine patient care.

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          Alphabet-backed Verily partners with Color to bring genetic insights to its research

          The partnership could enable Verily to incorporate data on genetic risk factors into its various clinical studies, leading to a more in-depth and holistic understanding of health.

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          NIH Awards Color $4.6 Million To Provide Genetic Counseling For Million-Person Study

          Color won the award over other bidders for several reasons. Theyve shown a track record that theyve been able to deliver this type of service to people, Devaney says, and they have really strong software capabilities.

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